Webwidget Quick Start

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Checklist for a set up and configuration to get your messaging program running

Step 1: Get your ChatShipper Webmessenger tag

To obtain your ChatShipper tag, login to ChatShipper as an Admin and click on the settings icon in the left navigation bar. Then head over to: Integrations to switch on: the Web Widget.

Adding Webwidget integration to ChatShipper

Note that this is only available to account Administrators.

Step 2: Add the ChatShipper Webmessenger Tag to your website

Copy and paste the ChatShipper tag into your website's <head> section. The tag should be included as high up in the <head> section as possible

Tip: We provide a clean as well as a Google Tagmanager tag. We recommend using the ''clean' version. This to evade any Adblocker issues.

Step 3: Send and receive web messages

Load the website that you inserted your ChatShipper Webmessenger tag into. The engagement Button / Bar that you selected will appear. Click on the engagement button and send a message. The message will appear in Chashipper. Clicking / Accepting the conversation in the default Chats-channel" will allow you to respond.

The ChatShipper Webmessenger can be customized through 'Advanced settings. This done via Json-coding. So we recommend to you consult an ChatShipper Solution Partner.

NOTE: In this setup, every agent will receive all messages. To learn more about advanced messaging configuration and routing for your account, click here. Please see this document.

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