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Updated 1 month ago by Joost Rijlaarsdam

I can't access conversations. What to do?

Probably the reason is that conversations are only readable after login (due to protection of personal data). We build a self registration process for this.

How does self registration work?

When you click on an url to read a conversation, the login page of ChatShipper appears:

There are 2 scenarios:

  1. Existing user (already registered employee)

Can login directly

  1. Self registration new user

New users need to register themselves with their company email. A check will take place on the registered company domain. For example: User is registering with: john.doe@acme.com, system check: domain acme.com registered? If yes, send an email activation link and allow access.

After login a cookie will be stored on the computer of the user, making it possible to be ´remembered´ (not having to login again.

Q: How long will it be stored?

A: Forever

On the CS agent console side, we're storing lots of things (language pref, version, authentication token, stuff like that). Not stored in cookies but in localstorage. This is stored forever, or until the user or browser deletes the data.

Q: How long is my login valid?

A: One month

As for the authentication tokens - while stored forever, they are only valid for a limited amount of time. There are two auth keys: "authentication token" (valid for 24hrs) and "refreshToken" (valid for 1 month). If the auth token has expired (because it's been 48 hours since you last accessed CS), the one-month refreshToken will be used to automatically fetch a new valid authentication token. After renewal, the refreshToken is renewed and valid for another month.So, for all intents and purposes, if you visit CS at least once a month, you never have to login with an email+password.

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