Audio Notifications

Updated 3 weeks ago by Peter de Vos

Automatically playing audio on page is probably one of the annoying things that a website can do to a user. In order to give users control over this, browsers employ various forms of autoplay blocking.

In general, browsers will block an autoplaying audio from playing. This includes playing any audio not requested by the user explicitly, like the ChatShipper sound alerts on new conversations and messages.

Autoplaying rules for all browsers are somewhat similar:

  • An autoplay with sound is allowed only when the user has done some kind of gesture with the website before - click, type etc
  • On mobile, autoplaying with sound will always be allowed if the user has placed the website to their home screen.

For this reason, if you have sound alerts enabled, it's best to have some interaction with the agent console after loading the application. Any click on the document itself (this excludes scrolling) will count as user interaction.

For reliable notifications, audio alerts are best combined with browser tab indicators or desktop notifications.

More information: read the rationale for Chrome, or change the user preferences for Firefox and Safari.

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