Overview of Solution Partner - ChatShipper collaboration

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This is to clarify the division of responsibilities between ChatShipper and it´s Solution partners. In ohter words. This is how CS and Solution Providers collaborate.


Partner / Reseller

Revenue streams

User licences / Pricing transparent on Website

Choose own pricing

Define value adding Services

Add-ons (like Video Chat)

Choose own pricing

Botstore (2-sided marketplace)

Monetize bots

Invoices Reseller (*1)

Invoices Client (End-Users)

Client (End-user) Support

Supports reseller

1st line support End users

Provides Support bot (End-user)

Support in CS

Provide User onboarding bot (end user)

Partner skill development

Provides Training / Certification on:

  • Widget configuration
  • Workflow
  • Forms
  • Bot development

Train Staff

Provides documentation:

  • User guide
  • Admin guide
  • Partner guide
  • Developer guide

Train Staff

Actively reference help-docs

Releases (*2)

Release communication to end users

Reseller pre-release notification (major features)

Development Roadmap

Provides Partners insight to High Level Roadmap

Can suggest projects

Incident management

Automated incident reporting system


In-app notification (to online users)

Outage communication (via email to all registered users)

(*1) Counts from CS Metrics API are leading

(*2) CS practices: Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment.

Licensing explained

ChatShipper is licensed directly to the end-customers per our standard terms. The agreement is concluded in the Chatshipper online environment. The legal contract for the use of the ChatShipper solution is therefore between Chatshipper and the end-customer. The contract for the Services in relation to the Chatshipper solution are provided by the Solution Partner (or MCC.). For this purpose Solution Partner enters into a contract with an end customer for the provision of services. There are therefore 2 contracts for each end customer.

ChatShipper will provide Solution Partners with 1 or multiple ways to allow Customers to signup and agree to CS-terms (e.g. co-branded signup-form / bot conversation)).

This is very similar to the Microsoft situation where the license to use the end product (e.g. 365) is between the end customer and Microsoft but the end customer may opt to use an accredited service provider to help them with implementation etc.

This means that we do not offer a white label solution and that any further branding of our solution is not something we offer, but you are of course free to offer services, invoices and contracts using your own branding.

Contractual aspects

As per the previous, our relationship with Solution Partners is often two-fold. The partnership agreement covers our relationship with your as a Service Provider to our solution. Any use of the solution by the Solution Provider will be subject to the license agreement (contracted / purchased online on the ChatShipper website.


What may be good to clarify though is that we do not work with exclusive territories or any preferred partnerships. All of our partner the the contractual right to be active anywhere they desire. So our Solution Partner agreement does not allow us to enter into any exclusive deal for any territory.

The above basic principles are the core of our business model so you will appreciate that in order to offer a scalable solution to all of our customers, we cannot deviate from these.

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