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Introducing Organization Templates

When you're setting up an organization account for a customer, you might want to "seed" the organization with some articles and forms that are common for the customer's industry or type of organization. You could share a few of your own articles and forms, but this has downsides - your customer can't adapt the resources to their liking, and article push triggers can not be configured; so you end up copying a few standard forms, articles and files.

Copying resources on account provisioning is error-prone, though, and when migrating to ChatShipper and having to do this for possibly hundreds of organizations gets weary fast. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just use a "cookie-cutter" approach to organizations, where a set of predefined resources is instantly available to a newly created organization?

An Organization Template is just that: a way to manage a set of resources (articles, files and forms) that can be instantly copied to any new organization - by seeding new organizations from a template, you can make sure that the new organization is immediately fully configured and ready to be used by the MCC customer.

List Organization Templates

To see a list of your current organization templates, click the "Organizations" navigation menu item, and select the "Templates" tab in the organizations list page:

Create a new organization template

As templates are just a collection of resources that are copied in bulk into new organizations, you need to consider what kind of organizations your contact center will serve, and what groups of commonly-used forms and articles can be created. Typically distinct groups are industry verticals, or type of customer organization.

Click the "+" button in the bottom right of the screen, fill in a suitable name for your organization template, and save the template:

Manage template resources

From the template listing, click on any organization template to manage its resources (articles, files and forms). Since an organization template is simply a special kind of organization (with just "Knowledge" and "Forms" available), you can create or edit this resource set using the familiar organization interfaces.

Apply an organization template

After you have created one or more organization templates, and added the proper resources, it's time to use them. Going forward, any time a new organization is created, you can optionally select one of your organization templates using the "Seed from template" option in the organization creation modal:

By seeding a new organization from a template, all forms, articles and files are copied into the new organization - thereby ensuring that the new organization is instantly fully configured and ready to be used.

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