New user sign up flow explained

Updated 4 months ago by Joost Rijlaarsdam

The Sign-up process for new Clients invited by a Solution provider explained.

Step 1: Invite your organisation Contact
ChatShipper new organisation creation

Simpy add email address of your Clients Contact the needs to complete signup and agree to terms. And hit: [Invite]

Always use your contacts business email
Step 2: Contact Receives email
ChatShipper new user invite email header

Your contact, soon to be a ChatShipper Owner user, receives an invite to sign up. You will be mentioned as the Inviting organisation. Directly visible from the Email Subject line.

The actual email looks like this.

ChatShipper new user invitation email
Step 3: Owner / User completes sign-up

Hitting the: [signup] button will effectively open the signup page.

ChatShipper new user signup confirmation
Step 4: Direct access

Adding a Password, agreeing to ChatShipper´s Terms and Privacy Policy, will login the user instantly.

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