Client organisation setup - Creating a level 2 organisation

Updated 4 months ago by Joost Rijlaarsdam

Want to add a new client-organisation to your MCC´s organisation tree? This is how:

  1. Head over to Setup > Organisation list, hit the +-button.
ChatShipper add Organisation to MCC Organisation tree
  1. Fill out the form.
  1. Invite a Organisation Owner-user.

After the Organisation form is submitted. An invite will be send to the Account Owner. Who must then agree to (on behalf of her organisation) to ChatShipper´s Terms and Privacy Policy. This because ChatShipper is acting a Data-processor and we need to be GDPS-conform.

As a Level 1 Admin you can go ahead an configure the organisation. But until the invited ´Organisation-Owner has confirm the organisation is kept in an ´invited´ status.

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