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ChatShipper is dedicated to delivering you the best quality services. To ensure that we use certain subprocessors (third-party processing tools). By subprocessor, we mean the third-party processor that we use to facilitate the delivery of our products. ChatShipper uses sub-processors and selects them according to internal high-quality standards to ensure data integrity and safety. Furthermore, ChatShipper uses a commercially reasonable selection process to choose the best and most reliable processors. It also uses:

Safeguards in-use and selection process

ChatShipper safeguards its relation with sub-processors by the contractual relationship - we sign Data Processing Agreement with each of our sub-processors - establishing data safety standards which should be at least meeting our minimum requirements used in our DPA offered to the customers. Below you can find some of the outlined standards that we require to have with all sub-processors that we appoint.

  • Our sub-processors shall implement and maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures (including measures consistent with those to which we are contractually committed).
  • Our sub-processors are from the US and Europe mostly. If we decide to appoint the subprocessor from the other country we always make sure other legal transfer mechanisms apply to such data processing.
  • Our sub-processors process only the data that are absolutely necessary for the purpose (and none more than that).
  • Our sub-processors are entitled to process personal data only in accordance with the data controller’s instructions.
  • We require cooperation and assistance from our subprocessors when it comes to a data breach or processing of a data controller’s requests.
  • Our sub-processors are obliged to ensure that their personnel is reliable, trained, and subject to a contractually binding obligation to observe data privacy and security, to the extent applicable by the data protection laws.


ChatShipper is dedicated to keeping always up-to-date lists of subprocessors.

Please note that this policy does not grant to customers any additional rights or remedies and should not be treated as a binding agreement but only a policy aiming to explain and clarify the process of processors’ appointment.

ChatShipper appoints different categories of sub-processors that help us to maintain the product effectively and efficiently. Classification, with sub-processors listed below.

Infrastructure and storage

  • ChatShipper does not provide its own storage centers and uses sub-processors delivering reliable infrastructure to maintain data storage. (For more info check our Data Storage and Hosting Policy).
  • We use sub-processors that facilitate document storage to enable fact and safe documents signing upon customer’s requests.
  • ChatShipper delivers it's Conversational Business Messaging Platform to numerous customers - we use CRMs to organize customers’ data.

Google Cloud Platform

File storage through Google Platform Products

MongoDB, Inc.

Database Services

Google, LLC

Email services, internal docs storage


Platform for business agreements


CRM software provider

Asana, Inc.

Task management

Accounting and payment processing

We employ tools that collect your recurring payments and deliver us analytics concerning payment processing. We use this type of product to ensure that your payment is processed on the top-notch standards by the market leaders in this field.

Stripe, Inc.

Payment processing, Billing and Payment Analytics

Twinfield BV

Accounting services

Communication and support services

We employ tools that help us to maintain communication both internally and with our customers/trial users or potential customers.

Campaign Monitor Pty Ltd

Email services through Campaign monitor product

Google, LLC

Email services, internal docs storage

Sunshine Conversations, Zendesk Inc.

Multichannel communication provider

Twilio Inc., Twilio Ireland Limited

User SMS service through Twilio product


Email services through Mailgun product

Wildbit, LLC

Email services through the Postmark product

Add-on Integrations and Services

Entity Name

Entity Type


Apple Inc.

Technology partner

United States

Facebook, Inc.

Technology partner

United States

Google Inc.

Technology partner

United States

Twilio, Inc.

Cloud-based SMS Services

United States

WhatsApp Inc.

Technology partner

United States

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