Can results within a session be combined?

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Client explains

A visitor to to a property website starting a messaging interaction (via live chat or social messaging) might have multiple customer types, for example if they have a property to sell but also want to buy too. Occasionally we will have three or even four or more intents - eg Seller / Landlord / Buyer / Mortgage.

Rather than create single forms that cover each specific scenario (there would be dozens!), the current thinking is to submit individual forms for each of the visitor intents.

  • Seller - submit
  • Buyer - submit
  • etc etc
  • /Close conversation.

Question - in this scenario, can multiple results in the same session be grouped together into one email, or does the client receive one email / notification for each intent upon submit?

ChatShipper answer:

The "submitting individual forms for each of the intents" way of doing things aligns best with our system, that's a good and flexible way to go. There's no concept of a "session", result notifications are sent out immediately when the result is processed (realtime events).

The Results Notification rules are super-flexible, so that notification targets can depend on context (form values) - for example, you can notify bot / person / mailbox A if some "housingType" field's value is "cottage", but notify person/mailbox B if that value is "bikeshed" instead. Because of this, it's a challenge to "cluster" results as there's not always a predetermined relation between a form and its notification target.

As to your question - it depends on how it's configured:

  • when targeting a channel, the channel will be notified immediately;
  • when targeting a generic email ( in the example above), the email will be sent immediately (one for each result);
  • when targeting a user, the user will receive an inbox notification immediately, will receive an offline mobile push notification if configured as a notification preference, and will receive a daily email (every morning at 7am) of convs waiting in his/her inbox.

In my view, it's best to target company Channels or Users directly: smoothest user flow integration (no redundant emails), best delivery guarantees (as channels are shared multi-user inboxes), users have full control over their notification preferences, and you have to be a user to act on the notification anyway. Ideally, users use ChatShipper on a daily basis and no emails get sent, ever (because users act on results from their personal ChatShipper inbox).

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